Signs of Spring


Spring becomes evident in various ways around this globe. In some communities, it is the first break in the ice pack on the northern rivers.  Perhaps it is the subtle change in shape of the cumulus clouds or the tentative emergence of crocuses and daffodils.  Or maybe it is as simple as the way people dress; short-sleeved shirts beckon the assault of summer.

At Brentwood it is Frisbees and couches.

Nothing says “Third Term” like students lifting their couches out on the field during their time off.  Like some ancient, instinctual migration pattern, Brentwood students make their annual sojourn to the fields at the first sign of spring.  On a good day, there can be 20 couches on the fields as well as a myriad of chairs, blankets, towels and pillows.

Mill Bay is in the most temperate area of Canada.  We are located in the Cowichan Valley; Cowichan is an indigenous word meaning “warm lands”.  The sun-baked fields on the west side of campus offer a place to converge, play, dance, listen to music, and to connect with each other. 

It is true that warmer days, flowers and sunny skies are sure signs of spring, but at Brentwood, until you spot your first Frisbee or couch on a field, it is not truly springtime.


About Brentwood Admissions

Brentwood College School is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This is a co-educational boarding school for Gr. 9-12 students. We have students from over 35 countries around the world that come to our oceanfront campus. Check us out:
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