Why do American Students Choose Brentwood College School?

Brentwood College School has a long tradition of educating American students.  We have the largest American student population of any school in Canada (10% of our student population).  It may seem odd that with so many quality boarding schools in the US that an American high school student would look north of the border for their education.  When considering a boarding school, here are some things that current American families know, and prospective families might want to consider, about a Brentwood College School education:

  • Americans appreciate our beautiful location and our proximity o America.  Our oceanfront campus is unique in North America and provides a stunning environment (with a view Mt. Baker in Washington State) with easy access from the United States by plane, car or ferry.
  • Not only is our nation considered safe and orderly, Canada is characterized by its friendliness and willingness to help others. We have a welcoming environment where different perspectives are respected and learning together is encouraged.  Canada, particularly British Columbia, is recognized internationally as one of the best places in the world to live and to study (United Nations Development Programme, 2010).
  • American families are impressed with our success in US college placement.  There are actual advantages for American students who are seeking entrance into the top US colleges in attending Brentwood.  Primarily, American applicants to US colleges automatically ‘stand out from the crowd’ due to their international experience.  This has proven time and again to be part of the admissions decision at most of the top US colleges.
  • Brentwood’s Tripartite programme (strong academics and the unparalleled diversity of its arts and sports programs) gives our American students an advantage in the admissions process with US colleges.   As well our Advanced Placement courses allow students to specialize in areas of interest.
  • Americans may also be interested in knowing that increasingly US colleges and universities waive the SAT exam for international students (this can apply to Americans studying at Brentwood).
  • The feedback we get from American post-secondary institutions is that Brentwood students are very well prepared for college and because of this, they stay in college.  American colleges know Brentwood and the quality of our graduates.
  • Brentwood has its own US University Counsellor who works with all students exploring the United States upon graduation.  Tim Zenker first visited Brentwood in 1979 as a pioneering Admissions Dean for Lewis and Clark College, and his relationship with the School has developed during the ensuing quarter century. Educated at Princeton and Wesleyan, Mr. Zenker served as a dean there and also at Brown and Vassar. He has been an administrator and teacher at public and independent schools, and is a faculty consultant to the College Board. He held the Prowse Chair for Teaching Excellence from 2001- 2003, and has remained on faculty as U.S. Universities Counsellor for Brentwood College. Mr. Zenker works personally with each student seeking admission to a school in the US.
  • The quality of a Brentwood education is recognized worldwide.  Post secondary placement is not only limited to the US or Canada, but global.  Our Graduate Placement over the last 5 years: http://www.brentwood.bc.ca/academics/university-placement/5-year-attendance-list

About Brentwood Admissions

Brentwood College School is on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This is a co-educational boarding school for Gr. 9-12 students. We have students from over 35 countries around the world that come to our oceanfront campus. Check us out: www.brentwood.bc.ca
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